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Televue Delos 6mm Eyepiece - 1.25 天文望远镜广角目镜
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Televue Delos 6mm Eyepiece - 1.25"

  • This Tele Vue Delos Eyepiece has a 6mm focal length and is presented in a 1.25" format.

  • Continuously adjustable height eyeguard system that can be locked in any position.

  • This Tele Vue 6mm Delos Eyepiece achieves full field sharpness, virtually perfect f θ (theta) distortion mapping, and color neutrality.

  • Delivers 20mm eye-relief and a realistic 72° apparent field of view.

Tele Vue Delos Eyepieces

"It was natural to take lessons learned from the tremendously successful Ethos project and apply it going forward. In the fall of 2008, Paul Dellechiaie was tasked to investigate a long eye-relief eyepiece design in the 70° AFOV range, retaining the key performance goals met with Ethos. My father named Paul's design, "Delos." Delos is a beautiful Greek island which happens to be the mythical birthplace of Apollo, god of light. More importantly the name was chosen to give recognition to Paul, principal designer of both Delos and Ethos." — David Nagler

Tele Vue is pleased to introduce the Delos, mid-to-short focal length line of 20mm eye-relief, 72° apparent field of view eyepieces. Every optical, mechanical, and ergonomic aspect was rethought to achieve reference-standard performance for any visual application.

The Delos was conceived as a narrower field Ethos. Reducing the field to 72° allowed freedom to increase eye-relief, while controlling pupil aberrations, all without making the eyepiece too large. With Ethos performance standards as benchmarks, the Delos design achieves full field sharpness, virtually perfect f θ (theta) distortion mapping, and color neutrality. Image fidelity is maximized utilizing glass matched multicoatings and anti-reflection surfaces throughout the eyepiece.


Contrast is further enhanced with a new, continuously adjustable height eyeguard system that can be locked in any position. Since the Delos eye-lens measures a quite large 35mm in diameter, preventing stray light from reflecting off the first surface and extraneous light from entering your eye pays off in a nice increase in perceived contrast. The eyeguard's sliding action allows for positioning the soft rubber eyeguard at the ideal height to suit the observer's preference. Indicator marks on the eyepiece body are handy reference guides for setting your perfect position. The eye-guard can also rotate for Dioptrx users.

Tele Vue Product Number: EDL-06.0

User Reviews

Review Date: 9/29/2011
Reviewed By: Ken
Amazing eyepiece
I purchased the 6mm Delos at a dark-sky star party in August, and this is one amazing eyepiece. I first looked at M13 (Hercules cluster with a my 12mm Nagler, then switched to the 6mm Delos. I felt like I could count every star in the cluster. Very sharp and contrasty image. The 20mm eye relief is particularly welcome since I wear eyeglasses when observing.

Review Date: 8/26/2011
Reviewed By: Rick H
Now you know why everyone always uses TV EP's for comparison - The problem here is you would be hard pressed to find anything near this eyepiece to compare with. Entire fov is clean - True porthole experience - I agree with the other reviewer - We need more FL's

Review Date: 8/14/2011
Reviewed By: Tom H.
Finally a great 6mm lens.
Finally a Televue as good as the Pentax XW's. Got the new Delos 6mm 8/13/11, and it was clear on the 14th at 3a.m. to view Jupiter. Everything on the planet is just a little more clear and distinct than the 6mm Radian. The Delos has the same fine views as the 5 & 7mm XW's. Hopefully Televue will fill in the holes between the XW's for us planetary observers who need a lens at every mm size. You can't go wrong here.

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