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SKY ROVER裕众 70ED F6 高级天文望远镜 ED镜片
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总体表现: 优良光学设计,精密的机械加工, F-6的短焦比设计, 方便携带。

1.双分离镜头结构,包含一片ED(Extra-low Dispersion)玻璃,有效控制色差。
4.全铝合金镜管, 外喷高档白色珍珠漆,精致美观。
6.2寸1:11双速无齿调焦座,平滑精确。360度可旋转后座, 方便操作。 
7.L型支架带标准螺纹孔,即可接标准天文支架, 也可以配合照相机脚架使用。


 ★物镜:双分离镜头结构,包含一片ED(Extra-low Dispersion)玻璃
 ★调焦方式:2寸1:11双速无齿调焦, 带360度旋转后座
  遮光罩两侧黑色丝印品牌“SKY ROVER
  物镜座及调焦座上机械刻字“SKY ROVER” 及性能参数

70mm F-6 ED 天文望远镜——来自Teleskop Service的测评
Individual ED 70 - ED APO Refractor with 70mm Aperture and 420mm Focal Length
... a high performance and extremely compact instrument for astronomy and nature observing

The Individual ED 70 is a supremely compact APO refractor with a transport length of only 31cm. It features not only an excellent optical performance, but also high quality mechanics and a beautiful design.

The Individual ED 70 is our top recommendation for nature observing, photography and for amateur astronomers looking for a compact travelling telescope.
Properties of the IN ED-70:

-- transportation length only 31cm
-- high quality ED objective
-- fast optics for photography: f/6
-- no distracting false colour
-- high quality 2" 1:11 micro Crayford focuser
-- universal and sturdy mounting bracket for adaptation to camera tripods or mounts

-- Aperture ... 70mm
-- Focal Length ... 420mm
-- Focal Ratio ... f/6
-- Theoretical Resolution ... 1.65"
-- Limitinig magnitude ... 11,0mag
-- Lens type ... multicoated ED objective
-- Length - retracted dewcap ... 310mm
-- Length - extended dewcap ... 390mm
-- Weight ... 2.1kgs
-- Focus Travel ... 85mm
-- Dewcap outside diameter ... 93mm

High Quality Crayford Focuser:

The full quality of a telescope can only be used with high quality mechanics, in particular the focuser. The Individual ED 70 has a focuser of a particularly high quality that makes it suitable not only for discriminating visual observers but also for astro-imaging.

The Individual ED 70 focuser offers an ultra smooth focusing motion without image shift. In addition it has the following quality features:

-- 2" and 1.25" adaptation for accessories
-- 1:11 dual-speed microfocuser. Particularly important for imaging.
-- compression ring for a firm and smooth grip of the accessories
-- 360° rotation with locking screw
-- millimeter indicator for the focuser's position

Retractable Dewcap:

On the Individual ED 70 you can retract the dewcap for extremely compact transport dimensions of the telescope (only 310mm length).

Fully extended the dewcap will protrude about 80mm in front of the lens for a very good protection against dew.

As a second very welcome effect the extended dewcap will provide an efficient protection against stray light.

The Individual ED 70 as an astronomical telescope:
The IN ED 70 is a high performance, high quality telescope for many astronomical applications.

Image ............. Individual ED 70 with optional 2" accessory kit  (Link to the 2" Kit)

Visual Astronomy / Observing:

The IN ED-70 is a top performer in almost all fields of amateur astronomy. Magnifications up to about 160x are easily possible, without displaying disturbing false colour. Lunar and planetary observing are great fun with this telescope due to the sharp and crisp image. You will be surprised what 70mm aperture can do on the planets! This is an entirely different story compared with simple achromats!

One of the main strengths of this instrument is Rich Field observing, i.e. viewing large objects such as star clusters, gas nebulae and some galaxies, e.g. the Great Andromeda Galaxy. Contrast is excellent. As a result details will be visible that you wouldn't have thought possible on a telescope with "only" 70mm aperture. At the same time you can reach fields of view up to about 6° with the optional TS Optics 2" Kit.

Astro Imaging:

An ideal compact APO for astro imaging, the IN ED-70 offers stunning results especially in the setup as IN ED-70 FlatField. This instrument comes with a field flattening lens that creates a perfectly sharp image throughout the field of view, even on large format cameras like DSLRs. More details under "feedback reviews".

Adaptation to astronomical mounts:

You can attach the IN ED 70 to any camera tripod. With the optional PS Foto Deluxe dovetail plate (see recommended accessories) you can securely attach it to many astronomical mounts with the standard Vixen-style saddle plate.

The Individual ED 70 as Spotting Scope:
A premium grade spotting scope for demanding birdwatchers, target shooters and nature observers:

Image: IN ED-70 with erecting prism for an upright and correct image and with a high quality eyepiece. Both optional accessories can be found under "recommended accessories".

If you want to do nature observing of any kind you will be stunned by the bright image and excellent image quality offered by the IN ED-70. Compared with typical zoom spotting scopes of similar aperture you will notice that the IN ED 70 has a brighter image and a contrast and sharpness that can truly be called "premium grade". It compares favourably with many spotting scopes of a much higher price level!

In addition to this you have a much larger choice of accessories and you can reach magnifications outside the range of most zoom spotting scopes.

Another big advantage of the IN ED-70: Its compact transport dimensions. The instrument will fit in almost any photo backpack or carrying case. With retracted dewcap the instrument is only 310mm in length!

For useful accessories  ............................................................ please see the link "recommended accessories" above"

-- erecting prisms 1.25" and 2" - for an upright and correct image
-- Hyperion Zoom eyepiece ... a premium grade wide angle zoom eyepiece for 17.5x to 52.5x magnification
-- HR Planetary 6mm ... Magnification 70x
-- HR Planetary 5mm ... Magnification 84x
-- HR Planetary 4mm ... Magnification 105x

Contrary to most spotting scopes the IN ED 70 accepts most cameras without problems! We offer a broad range of adapters for most common digital cameras.

The Individual ED 70 as a powerful ED tele lens for photography:
An ideal alternative to expensive ED tele lenses. The IN ED-70 is a high image definition APO tele with 420mm focal length.

The image sharpness of the IN ED 70 is comparable with many tele lenses of a much higher price level. The apochromatic ED lens offers top image clarity and colour correction.

While the IN ED 70 does not have autofocus it has an ultra-smooth 1:11 microfocuser for perfect manual focusing. With a little practice you can achieve focus much better than many autofocus systems are able to do, and even better than is usually possible with classical helical lenses.

For useful accessories  ............................................................ please see the link "recommended accessories" above"

-- TS FA 240 ... prime focus adapter with T2 thread for the adaptation of DSLR and SLR cameras through standard T-rings.
-- T-rings ... bayonet adapters for all common SLR and DSLR cameras with interchangeable lenses.
-- projection eyepieces ... for many cameras with fixed lenses

Individual ED 70 - FlatField Version:

For improved field sharpness we offer the flat field version of the IN ED 70. With it you will not notice any degradation of image sharpness from the center towards the edge.