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QSI 690 920W象素 天文冷冻CCD 天文冷冻相机
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QSI 690 9.2mp 
Cooled CCD Camera

The QSI 690 model camera employs an 9.19mp Sony CCD image sensor. This new generation of Sony sensor offers remarkable sensitivity with peak QE of over 75%. The high senstivity, wide dynamic range, dual read rates, low noise performance and internal 5 or 8-position color filter wheels make the QSI 690 ideally suited to a broad range of demanding scientific, medical, astronomical, and industrial imaging applications.

The QSI 690wsg is available with an Integrated Guider Port (IGP) allowing astronomers to guide using the light from the main telescope while picking off the light from the guide star in front of the filters
Learn more about the available built-in IGP>>

The 690 camera system is supported by industry leading astronomy and microscopy image acquisition software plus a full camera control API is available for creating custom Windows or Linux applications.


Next Generation Sony 9.19mp sensor with Peak QE of 77%

  • 9.19 megapixel Sony ICX814 sensor
  • 3.69μm pixel provides high resolution
  • High Speed USB 2.0 and read rates up to 8 MHz
  • 2-Stage TEC w/ cooling to 40°C below ambient
  • Electronic shutter w/ exposures to 100μsec
  • Available mechanical shutter
  • Available 5 or 8-position color filter wheel

  • QSI 690i
    Electronic Shutter 
    Slim Body
     QSI 690s
    Mechanical Shutter
    Mid-size Body

     QSI 690ws
    Mechanical Shutter 
    5-position CFW 

     QSI 690wsg
    Shutter & Guider Port (IGP)
    5-position CFW

     QSI 690ws-8
    Mechanical Shutter 
    8-position CFW

     QSI 690wsg-8
    Shutter & Guider Port (IGP)
    8-position CFW